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April 2018

Rita van Dijk

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With Spring fully underway and summer so close you can almost feel it, the promise of sunny and bright days got me thinking about lighting and how it can often be an afterthought when you’re decorating your home. For designers, lighting is our secret weapon. Lighting is the Louboutins that make the outfit; the tonic to your gin. We all need lighting. But as intrinsic to design as lighting is, most don’t realise the added value it brings, the ambience it can help create and the striking design element it can be.

Let There Be Light

You may be thinking that because you live in a rental property, it’s just easier to live with the lighting that’s already there. But why live with something that can easily be upgraded and taken with you should you decide to leave? And for those of you who own your home, look around and ask yourself if your lighting is enhancing your space and elevating your mood. Did you put the same thought into your choice of light fixtures as you did in perhaps the sofa or dining table? Not all lighting is created equal and the right lighting can mean the difference between cosy and cold; sexy and flat, dramatic and sterile. So, if you had to choose, which one would you opt for?

The Naked Truth

I remember growing up in London and seeing so many rooms with a bleak, naked light bulb hanging in the centre of the ceiling. My budding designer eyes just couldn’t handle it. Then as the years went on, a stoic lampshade was added in a futile attempt to improve the dire design situation. Later on, an additional twist was introduced, and the lampshade was hung upside down to create a sorry, uplight effect. Luckily, we’ve come a long way and we’re now living in a time when even the humble light bulb has evolved and morphed into a statement piece with the stylish Edison bulbs and popular LED lights. Everything we’ve ever known about lighting has been elaborately and beautifully reimagined and today’s choices are, simply put, breathtaking.

It’s Electrifying

If you’re fortunate enough to have high ceilings, then a statement chandelier is a must. The word chandelier does not necessarily mean ornate and old-fashioned crystals. Generally, a chandelier is the name given to any suspended ceiling light with multiple bulbs. There are so many different styles and finishes so it all depends on what look you’re going for. Wherever possible, make sure your electrician installs all of your fixtures with dimmer switches. If you’re anything like me, your lights will be permanently dimmed, even if it’s ever so slightly; it really makes a difference and creates a welcoming, warm ambience. For those whose ceilings aren’t high or maybe you don’t have a central ceiling light point, there are beautiful alternatives that don’t hang as low or are designed to be wall-mounted and will still add that crucial design layer that finishes off a space.

Let’s Not Take It Lightly

A room that was traditionally neglected when it came to lighting is the kitchen, but the heart of the home has stepped up its lighting game and most designers will allocate a healthy part of the budget to the careful selection and mixture of pendants over a kitchen island; under cabinet fixtures, and track and recessed lighting. The light fixtures chosen in a kitchen, or any other room for that matter, give you the opportunity to add colour, dimension and contrast to the backdrop that is everything else in the space.

Light The Way

Before the dawn of the world’s first light bulb, we used candles and its mighty power still plays a huge role in our lives and spaces with its incandescent, poetic movement dancing across our walls. There are millions of types of candles out there, but my current fascination is in what some call the forever candle… Wickless candles that are battery operated. Even these forever candles continue to evolve, and today’s variety is a very realistic and sophisticated version that emulates the natural as closely as the artificial can and now, the addition of scented capsules is the latest trend we’re absolutely loving.

Lights Out

If you are thinking about redecorating or looking to update some elements in your home, needless to say, you need to factor in the lighting. And if your budget allows for it, more is more in this case. Trends we’re now seeing are multiples of the same light fixture hung together to create a cluster of lights, so anything is possible. As always, have fun with it!


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