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Society Magazine - February 2018 - Rita van Dijk

Each year, the design world comes together at the industry’s mecca for interior design, Maison & Objet held twice annually in Paris. This is the opportunity to stay abreast of international design trends and a veritable who’s who in the world of interior design can be found roaming the stands in search of the newest, latest and next big thing. Comprising eight vast halls with over 3500 exhibitors from all over the world, it’s safe to say if it isn’t at M&O, it doesn’t exist. This year’s M&O didn’t disappoint and judging from the world’s leading brands, 2018 design trends are all about big, bold and colourful.

From home accessories to textiles, flooring to lighting, wall art to furnishings, today’s design is all about an aesthetic that is vivacious and striking. Everywhere we looked, our eyes were treated to luscious emerald greens, exotic tapestries and gold and brass accents. The deepest and richest hues reigned supreme and tropical wallcoverings and overstated objets d’art invited us into the most incredible spaces where the safety of our monochromatic worlds was rudely awakened and flipped on its head. From stand to stand, the comforts of a decade spent in silver, white and taupe were all pulled into question and the overriding feeling was to rush home and inject colour and life into our bland existence. Marbleised finishes, metallic details, oversized lighting and bold colours are where design is taking us this year and it’s all so exciting and new.

Does this mean it’s time to throw out that cream sofa? Not necessarily, but it may be time to stop being afraid to mix things up a little with some colourful cushions, fabrics and wall coverings. 2018 is no longer about being matchy-matchy so don’t be shy to update your look with palm-tree inspired cushions and a dramatic green marbleised light fixture like this one from Van Roon Living. If your space isn’t making a statement, it’s stuck in a design rut.

Nature’s influences also played a huge role in this year’s design trends and we’re seeing live walls and live-edged tables featuring heavily in spatial design this year. Tropical elements, real or artificial, are encouraged and if you’re not brave enough to go for a live-edge dining table, then consider a side or occasional table like this beauty from Seiva in Portugal.

As tempting as the familiar can be, a little rock star glam never hurt anybody and these metallic horsehair rugs from Ebru in the Netherlands promise to bring the party and a bit of unique chic to any space.

And why stop at the floor? Decorating your walls is the quickest and best way to ensure your space is unique without the clutter. Always at the forefront of curating wall art that is edgy and different, Cobra Art showcased a collection that embraced this year’s bold and daring theme. From bedazzled animal skulls to designer fire extinguishers, the Netherlands’ leading house of art set trends and broke boundaries at this year’s show.

The Dutch truly trailblazed at this year’s show but Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Turkey didn’t disappoint in any way and remained firm show favourites, promoting and embracing this year’s boldness and sumptuous palettes with a product offering that wowed at every turn.

But it wouldn’t be Maison & Objet and it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the king of all design brands, Eichholtz. Never one to disappoint, the Dutch powerhouse is celebrating 25 years of creating and moulding design and its ‘stand’ comprised a selection of meticulously designed vignettes that encompassed the World of Eichholtz. Renowned for creating a mini department store at the show each year, the Eichholtz selection of stands commandeer a big chunk of Hall 3, complete with a full-fledged café in the centre. As you wander from room to room, you are transported into a lush world of extravagance that has clearly influenced this year’s trends in a major way and, if you were ticking off trends on a list, you will find them all here: Big, Bold, Gold, Colourful, Vibrant and Avant-garde. It was all here at Eichholtz and it was what Maison & Objet was all about this year.

So, take a look around your living room and home and if you’re ready to update and refresh, start thinking COLOUR and DRAMA and you’re halfway there already!

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