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March 2018

Rita van Dijk

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If These Walls Could Talk

This month, we’re exploring some of the different ways we can dress our walls and truly transform our spaces. Each and every room is made up of four walls. Fact. Yet, so often, we mistakenly think that all a wall needs is a splash of paint and we can call it a day. But paint is only the beginning. Think of your walls as the largest, most important blank canvas in your space. A rich coat of paint is the backdrop to the potential masterpiece you can and should create with your walls. The possibilities are endless, and the only limitation is, as always, our imagination.


Think of walls as a bonus space to really take a design to the next level. While keeping the anchor pieces more monochromatic, we can elevate the mood through the wall pieces and accents we select. Use it as a way of introducing new or additional colour into your space or updating a neutral, timeless palette with a more on-trend look and feel. Never underestimate the power your walls have because our eyes naturally drift upward, and you want them to settle on an element that is striking and memorable.


Wall Art

Hanging up some wall art and/or pictures is the most popular design path to take and it’s the perfect opportunity to layer and create a cohesive aesthetic as well as an ideal way of injecting mood and drama. Look beyond the typical and explore your artistic sensibilities. All art is subjective so all that matters is how it makes you feel and the role it will play in the space it exists in. Lastly, consider the placement. Will it be scattered or structured; matching frames hung symmetrically or an eclectic mix at varying heights? Perhaps you have one hero piece that will be your focal point with the others playing a supporting role. If you cannot visualise the placement in your head, hold it up against your wall or lay it out on your floor and play around with it until it feels right.


Wall Décor & Lighting

If art and pictures are too predictable and you’re looking to make more of a statement, then the sky’s the limit. From oversized wall clocks and mirrors to dramatic wall sconces and ancient doors… If it can be hung, why not? The design world we are living in today doesn’t live and die by the rules. In fact, there are no rules. As long as you create a space that reflects you and the life that you are going to live in it, you’ve succeeded.


Wall Coverings

Wallpaper has come a long way from the days it lined your grandmother’s walls. Today’s wallpaper has transcended its humble, stuffy beginnings and is now the pièce de résistance in any space. From made-to-measure, evocative murals to textured and fabric paper and beyond, your entire wall can now be a magnificent showstopper. Artists and designers are constantly pushing the limits on what can be accomplished, and the result is paper that is a work of art in and of itself. The right paper can set the tone for the rest of the space and serve either as a grounding element that ties the design together or as a springboard from which the space is born. Either way, wallpaper can make or break a room.


Feature Walls

Remember when our adventures in design didn’t extend beyond painting one wall a different colour from the rest? That is not what we mean here. Like everything else in today’s world of design, we are talking next level feature walls. From a wood panelled or rock wall to plastered walls and live walls, a feature wall needs to command the space and be the perfect focal backdrop to the rest of your design aesthetic. Feature by definition means something that it is distinctive and stands out from the rest. So think big. Think drama. Think outside the box.


Whatever your design style and taste, your walls are there to be adorned and adored. By using your walls as the fertile design ground that they are, you will discover that you invite elements into your space without it feeling cluttered and over-styled. Whatever direction you decide to take, conservative or provocative, just have fun with it and create a space that you will love!




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