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May 2018

Rita van Dijk

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Summer is Calling

After the long, wet winter we’ve just had on the Coast, I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for summer. But first, with Spring in full swing, it’s time to refresh, renovate and reimagine our outdoor spaces. We’re all quite fortunate to call this paradise home and never more so than when the sun is shining, and our lives naturally spill out onto our terraces and gardens. Is there any better way to live? So, let’s make sure your outdoor space is ready for another sun- drenched, mojitos in hand and feet in the sand, kind of summer.

Inside Out

I’m sure you’ve heard designers talk a lot about bringing the outdoors in. But in Marbella, our warmer climate means we’re flipping that concept on its head and bringing the indoors out. What does that mean exactly? It means comfort, quality and style are equally important when selecting outdoor furniture and accessories. Your outdoor space can no longer be an afterthought but in fact the leading act in the stage that is your home. Fortunately, designers and manufacturers have clocked onto this and the selection of outdoor furnishings keeps getting better with every season. From spectacular dinnerware and tables to loungers and chairs and beyond; balconies, patios and gardens have never looked so fabulous!

Dining Al Fresco

One of the best perks of life on the Coast is dining outside. Whether it’s tapas and drinks or a more elaborate meal, an outdoor dining table and chairs are arguably the most important addition to your exterior space and the different options are endless. Also, let’s not forget about what actually goes on top of the table. Depending on how formal your get-togethers can be, acrylic dinnerware has made such stunning aesthetic strides in recent years that it’s almost better than the real thing! From tumblers and wine glasses to cutlery and complete dinner sets, leave your indoor china where it belongs and let your outdoor dinner parties be an extravagant acrylic affair.

Have a Seat

When selecting outdoor seating, comfort is of course essential, but durability and quality is key. Like anything else worth having, the right seating doesn’t come cheap, but it’s made to last. From sectionals and single seaters to Adirondack chairs and hammocks, there are so many styles and options to choose from to help you achieve any look and feel you desire. As with your interior space, your exterior is another reflection of your lifestyle. Maybe you’re looking to create an area for entertaining or a laid-back, chill-out zone for you and your loved ones. Always consider the functionality of the space as a whole and furnish it accordingly.


Coastal living and everlasting sun is amazing but sometimes, we all need a bit of shade and there’s a huge variety of ways to achieve that. From umbrellas and awnings (toldos) to sails, pergolas and beyond, there is a solution to suit every budget and taste and all ensure you’re covered in those rare moments when you want to escape the sun’s rays. Whichever option you go with, remember that a quality product will last, and you won’t find yourself having to replace something each season.

Where Does It Stop

Of course, there are so many ways to customise and enhance exterior spaces that go beyond furniture and are only limited by our imagination and budget. From freestanding barbecues, exterior built-in kitchens and heating lamps to artificial grass, fire pits and hot tubs, the Costa del Sol climate gives you the opportunity to enjoy it all, more often than not. As with any space, a successful design is one that strikes the perfect balance between style and function. Whatever purchase you’re making or any design change you’re considering, think about the way you live and exactly how you need that product or space to cater to that. And, always, enjoy the process!


All products featured as well as all design services can be provided by Villa 25 in Costabella, Marbella. To book a 2-hour design consultation in your home or to find out more, call +34 952 93 93 00 or visit

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